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I found out about the school by chance. I had a trial lesson and I liked it very much - the platform itself, the approach in choosing a teacher, where all my wishes were taken into account, and the fact that I was able to immediately fit into the class.

<p><span><span class="font-bold">Tata Volkovich</span></span></p>, <p>QA Engeneer</p>

Tata Volkovich

QA Engeneer

I wanted to find something that would be suitable for me. For example, I was interested in the opportunity to study remotely, the opportunity not to attend the office of the courses for study and payment, and also - the lack of attachment to a tight schedule. After turning and studying mountains of information and a lot of reviews, I chose Online University.

<p><span class="font-bold">Peter Martin</span></p>, <p>Photographer</p>

Peter Martin


n general - only the most positive impressions, both from the whole project and from my teacher.

I would not like to change or add anything to your work. The site works perfectly and the whole system is like a Swiss watch.

<p><span class="font-bold">Jacob Carr</span></p>, <p>Interior Designer</p>

Jacob Carr

Interior Designer

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Get 2x 30 min 1-on-1 sessions with Jaime to discuss your next steps and craft a customized plan to get you started.

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As with all things JaimeFit, we can have your sessions anywhere you like. If you are local we can even craft you a schedule that includes in person training off that's what you need.