You Glow, Girl!

Ignite your fire with JaimeFit’s invigorating high-intensity workouts and well-life essentials. Live & On-Demand content to sculpt your body and your life. The JaimeFit method combines strength, cardio, dance, booty burning, plyometrics and flexibility with self-love, laughter & fun. Love yourself fit with Jaime.


What our clients have to say.

Jaime’s high energy workouts are fun and challenging—stressing self-love, hard work and gratefulness. She uses strength, cardio, sculpting, dance and just a dash of silly to get you through the hour.


The results I've seen in just 6 weeks really blew me away! I feel strong and beautiful thanks to her combination of cardio, resistance training, balance and flexibility. And, the positive messages she delivers throughout her workouts really set the tone for a beautiful and productive day.


Jaime not only taught me about health and fitness, but she also helped me find myself and reclaim space for myself - and I THRIVED! I feel strong, sexy, toned and better than pre-pregnancy. Six weeks after I finished her intensive program, I am STILL exercising 6 times a week! This is not a crash course, but a study in how to live the well-life from the inside out.


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